The British Diploma (BTEC) stands for 'Business and Technology Education Council', which used to run the award, first introduced in 1984.   BTECs are now awarded by the Edexcel exam board and are taken in more than 100 countries at all levels, from pre-GCSE to Degree equivalent. They are vocational and work-related courses, designed to accommodate the needs of employers and allow students to progress to further and higher education.   BTEC takes a practical approach to learning.....
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Training Diploma
Training Diplomas are one academic year (6-8 months) course. They are designed to prepare high school and university graduates to join the work force with real life experience. In addition, they are designed for employees who wish to change their line of work and learn effectively in a practical manner. The training diplomas prepare you to join the work market despite your educational or work experience background....
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Training courses: For those who would like to promote their professional situations, regardless of the degrees they hold. The courses' duration range from 1- 4 months according to training hours required to each field and level. ...
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A training workshop is a type of interactive training where participants carry out various activities rather than inactively listen to a lecture or presentation. A workshop can introduce a new idea, stimulating participants to explore it further on their own, or can demonstrate and encourage the practice of actual methods especially for people who work together, a workshop can help to generate a sense of community or common goal among its participants.
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