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1-           Advisory Services

At KI Academy we are involved in each learner’s journey – before, during, and after graduation. Prior to registration, our advisors assist in choosing the best suited programs for learners, depending on their unique skills, backgrounds, and future interests. During the term of study, KI advisors help identify the areas of strength in each learner, as well as the root reasons behind any challenges they face, endorsing determination and confidence. This is supplemented by facilitating internships, job interviews, and even assisting learners with further education advice, post-graduation from KI Academy.


2-           Learning Provisions

At KI Academy we understand and recognize that different learners learn at difference paces. That’s why we offer appointment-based Learning Provisions, ensuring that additional educational support is provided out of the classroom when required.


3-           Scholarships

As part of our ongoing effort in advancing learners’ services, at KI Academy we constantly seek to develop various scholarship and aid programmes, in order to best support the various circumstances of our learners. 



1-           High-tech Environment & Digital Communications 

Our state-of-the-art environment is fully equipped with the latest technologies that fast-track the learners’ educational experience. All facilities are designed to encourage trainees’ interaction with our personnel and members of the educational committee; therefore, the premises are equipped with digital screens and communications, keeping learners well-informed on the Academy’s latest updates. Also, we connect to learners via various online channels and social media platforms, providing an efficient stream of interaction between learners and teachers. These objectives are braced by providing a tablet for each learner, E-board classrooms, and free Wi-Fi across the building.    


2-           Labs and Workshops

The hands-on training we apply at KI Academy aims to prepare learners for real life experiences. The following labs and workshops have been established to fulfil this ideology:



•            Civil Engineering Lab

•            Electrical Power Lab

•            Automotive Workshop

•            Automotive Lab

•            Carpentry and Welding Lab

•            Science Lab


IT Labs:

•            Networking and Maintenance Lab

•            Graphic Design Lab

•            Cloud Lab

•            Digital Drawing Lab

•            Computer Labs



•            Kitchen

•            Pastry Kitchen

•            Restaurant

•            Hotel

•            Housekeeping & Laundry


Arts and Media

•            Art Studio

•            Art Workshop

•            Media Centre (including Audio and Video Studio)

•            Editing Suit


3-           Resource Lounge & Common Areas

We aim to provide the most efficient educational habitat, so that learners can comfortably advance in their studies. Our Resource Lounge and common areas include: a digital library, a physical library, a print centre, and a breakout terrace and dining area.


4-           Sports

At KI Academy we believe in promoting physical wellbeing, as part of our effort in encouraging overall healthy, active lifestyles among learners. Our facilities include:


- Quarter-size Football Field                 -Gym & Spa                    - Half-Olympic Swimming Pool



•            Al Khawarizmi College Certificate is accredited by Al-Balqa Applied University, and certified by the Jordanian Ministry of Higher Education.

•            London Institute of Technology UK –LIT Certificate.

•            UNESCO – ICDL (International Computer Driving License) Certificate.

•            Oxford University Press - English Language Certificate.

•            EDEXCEL (HNC & HND) Certificate.

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