Terms and Condition

Registration Instructions:

• Fill out the registration application with correct information 

• submit the required documents to the registration office and not later than one week from the date of registration

• Schedule the exams for the level and interview with the academic supervisor


Documents required for registration:

1- Training Diploma:                                                                                             2- Training Courses:

   • Two personal photos                                                                                          • Two personal photos                                                                            

   • A copy of the identity or residence of non-Jordanians.                  • A copy of the identity or residence of non-Jordanians 

   • Copy of passport for Jordanians and non-Jordanians                       

   • A copy of the last scientific qualification


Fees and payment method:

• Registration fees 150 dinars, graduation fees 100 dinars, certification fees 30 dinars (for the training diploma)

• The prices of books and references are determined according to specialization at the time

• if the payment is paid in full, the learner gets a 5% discount on the course fee

• If the payment is paid in installments:

Training Diploma Fees:

Divided into 6 monthly payments:

   - 25% upon registration + registration fee

  - 15% divided into five monthly payments


Fees of the course:

- 40% upon registration

- 30% at the start of the course

- 30% half way through the course


Women's Fund:

- 12 installments with 12% interest

**The Academy covers 7% of the interest rate

• Upon withdrawing from the training program before the starting of date, the amount paid will be refunded after deducting the registration fee

• Upon withdrawing from the training program after the starting of date, the paid payments are not refundable

• If the training program is canceled by the Academy, the full amount paid will be refunded


Attendance instructions:

 • The trainee will be allowed to change his / her specialization during the first week of the program.

 • The trainee must attend all the hours specified for the theoretical and practical courses.

 • The absence of trainee from the beginning of the program in the academy is considered and his absence is considered legitimate in the following two cases:

      - Participant's illness based on a medical report adopted by the Academy's management.

      - The conditions adopted by the academic administration.

 • 20% of approved program hours are allowed

 • If the limit is exceeded, the participant is prohibited from graduating and receiving the official certificates, provided that he presents his excuse within one week from the date of his return to study


Success instructions for training diploma and training courses:

• The trainee is considered successful and successful if he successfully completed the study of all the required subjects for that specialization and his cumulative average was 50% or more.

• Completion of the success requirements of the program planned since the beginning of the program such as the provision of assignments, examinations, projects and others.


Academic systems:

  • Respect the laws, regulations, rules and regulations of the Academy and not to violate them.

  • The apprentice maintains all the property and building of the Academy, and does not use it for any purposes other than the objects assigned to it and not to expose it to damage or loss.

  • Adherence to safety and safety conditions and the use of preventive means in places and businesses determined by the administration of the Academy.

  • The building and facilities of the Academy shall not be used for activities of any kind except with the written approval of the Academy administration.

  • Adherence to the system and good conduct in all academic facilities and field training places.

  • Each trainee is committed to maintaining the identity of the Academy and to highlight it at the request of the concerned in the Academy.

  • Commitment to start and end dates of lectures.


Transportation fee:

• Set according to the list of areas

• It can be paid at the end of the semester

• Transport charges are subject to change at any time following registered numbers and changes in fuel prices.


Communication with trainees is through:

  •The bulletin board in the reception

  •Electronic billboards located within the Academy building

  • E-mail

  •Text messages





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