Dear All,

Warm greetings and welcome to KI Academy…

It’s undeniable that education is the mean to elevate and develop the nations.  Therefore, it became our goal and determination to serve our country in particular and our nation in general through providing all types of facilities and possibilities to our youth.

To serve that purpose and achieve our ultimate goal, we have established and launched this distinguished scientific and technical edifice to be the lighthouse of education equipped with modern technologies.  The Academy prepares the youth to join the local, regional and international work force with confidence and unlimited competencies armed with knowledge, skills, and certificates.

We can modestly say that we are working in alignment with His Majesty King Abdullah the second and Queen Rania’s national strategy which was launched on 5th September 2016.

The academy has hosted honorable guests’ who are experienced in the fields of education and training locally, regionally and internationally and upon their testimonials, we can proudly state that we have founded a distinguished and unique institution starting from its architectural and infra structure to the modern furniture, the technologies implemented and the specialties introduced.

The Academy places its 50 years of educational experience along with its physical, scientific and technical resources in service of our beloved country’s youth under the patronage of His Majesty King Abdullah the second.

Together we move forward…



Mohammad Qadomi


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