Business Administration is a set of activities that are closely related to each other in order to effectively control all functions of the company. Business management is also defined as the processes that are applied to activate the interaction of people and objects within the work environment, which leads to the successful achievement of the objectives. Other definitions of business management are actions and methods aimed at directing individuals, business and business in the enterprise. 


1- Executive Secretarial and Office Management  (Download study the plan)

  • The program aims to provide students with sound scientific foundations for secretarial work, electronic archiving and introduction of computer applications in business administration.


2- Applied Accounting (Download study the plan)

  • To introduce participants to the calculations and procedures of opening books of accounts and final accounts.


3- Marketing and Sales Skills (Download study the plan)

  • Identify participants on marketing skills, sales management and planning.


4-  Hospitals and Medical Records Management (Download study the plan)

  • Provide the student with all administrative skills in the reception and introduction of patients and administrative work and medical records in hospitals and health centers.


5- Human Resources Management (Download study the plan)

  • Aims to develop the knowledge, skills and abilities of trainees in the application of modern methods in the field of human resources management
Executive Secretarial and Office Management Plan
Applied Accounting Plan
Marketing and Sales Skills Plan
Hospitals and Medical Records Management Plan
Human Resources Management Plan
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