Hospitality Management

Hotels and restaurants are all about people. BTEC (HND) aims to enrich the right attitude to service essentials for anyone with an interest in entering the hospitality professions.

• Career prospects are improving – particularly for those who have what it takes.
• Customer care provision is an area that’s growing in importance.

There are opportunities for those who can demonstrate strong interpersonal and supervisory skills, and for those with a good knowledge of the business side if things. A BTEC in Hospitality gives students a good grounding in what to expect. BTEC holders can expect to find opportunities at a range of levels, as chefs, waiters, or staff; in front of house operations such as receptionists, cashiers or guest liaison staff; and in accommodation operations.

It’s time to inspire learners who have what it takes to make a career in the hospitality industries. Our BTECs in Hospitality are designed to do just that.

Job Opportunities:

Hotel Management
Travel Consultant
Destination Coordinator
Resort Coordinator
Reservations Agent
Convention Planner
Cruise Coordinator

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